Video Doorbell


Hardwired WiFi

Doorbell Camera

No Subscription & No Follow-Up Costs!

  • 2K Quad HD

  • Hardwired AC12V-24V

  • Smart Intercom via App

  • Motion Detection

  • Customizable Detection Area

  • Person Recognition

  • Alexa & Google

Video Doorbell

Your Front Door always in View!

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Cardea - Your Guardian

Protect Your Front Door!

With the Cardea video doorbell, you'll never miss a visitor again!  


Receive real-time notification anywhere, anytime!

 Cardea informs you of all events on your doorstep.


Absolutely Safe

No Follow-Up Costs

- No Subscriptions Required

- Data Encryption

- Your Data in your Hands

2K Video

Your Home always in View, down to the smallest detail!

Enjoy all your videos and pictures in full 2K Quad HD resolution.

The camera lens, designed specifically for the Cardea, provides the best image and video quality of all Weber Protect Video doorbells to date.

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Motion Detection

Intelligent Person Recognition

  • Intelligent Motion Detection

  • Live Notification on Phone / Tablet

  • Person Recognition

  • Day / Night Mode

  • Automatic On / Off Feature

  • Adjustable Detection Area

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Detection Zones

Adjust the  Motion Sensor to your Environment!

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Intercom System

Smart Door Intercom-System

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One App - Many Features

Smart App Control

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Voice Message

Can't answer the call? No problem!

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Video Doorbell
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1) Record up to 3 individual voice messages.

2) Select voice message for a visitor call.

3) Voice message is played back via Cardea.

eg: 'Please drop the package at the neighbors'.

Smart Home

Connect the Cardea with  Amazon Alexa, 

Google Nest or Onvif!

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Video Doorbell ALexa


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Storage Options

Local / SD-Card / Cloud

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Local Storage

Save your pictures and videos directly on your smartphone or tablet.

You can find all locally saved images and videos in the app or in your  Gallery.

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Insert an SD-Card (max. 128GB) to automatically save videos when a motion is detected or someone rings the doorbell.


The images and videos can be accessed remotely at any time via App.

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Cloud Storage

Pictures and videos can easily be stored in the cloud.  

To do this, you can book your desired cloud storage volume via the App.


No Subscriptions and no Follow-Up Costs

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The Cardea Video Doorbell has an SD-Card slot (max. 128GB), which allows for automatic video recording when a motion is detected, or someone is in front of your door.

The saved videos can be accessed remotely via the app at any time and from anywhere without having to remove the SD-Card from the device.

Videos stored on the SD-Card are automatically organized in the in-App calendar and can be viewed and selected on a day-to-day basis. 

When the SD-Card is full, old data is automatically deleted to free space for the new data.


And the best is...

No subscriptions and no follow-up costs!

Angle Mounting

Find the Perfect Angle!

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The  mounting bracket enables the perfect viewing angle in any Situation.

Thanks to the wide viewing angle, the additional mounting bracket and the adjustable detection zones, the Cardea is optimally equipped to monitor your home.

Power Supply

Doorbell transformer AC 12V-24V /

DC 12V socket

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Connect the enclosed wires with the existing bell wires and, if necessary, bypass your existing doorbell chime. Plug in the new wireless chime and connect it ... Done!

Plug the Cardea video doorbell into a socket using the power supply unit supplied and connect it to the app and your WiFi network.

Acoustic ringtone at home


All Cardea Video doorbells come with a free wireless chime. Plug the Chime in any socket or computer. The Chime will ring anytime someone rings the video doorbell. You can connect an unlimited amount of Chimes to your Cardea. 

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Power Outlet

Plug the wireless chime into any socket.

A USB socket adapter and a chime are included with every Cardea free of charge.

Steckdosen Gong


Connect the wireless chime to the computer via a USB port.

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Bell chime

After you have connected the chime to the Cardea, the chime rings every time the doorbell button is pressed.

The volume and the ringtone can be adjusted in the app!

Security set

Security Camera + Video Doorbell


Combine any number of Cardea Video doorbells and Apollo surveillance cameras to optimally monitor your home.

From the front door to the garden - Everything stays in your new!



Video doorbell


Security Camera

2K Quad HD Camera

The Cardea's 2K Quad HD camera enables high-resolution recordings with a wide viewing angle.

Light / Brightness Sensor

The light / brightness sensor enables good video and image recordings at any time of the day

Infrared LEDs

Thanks to the infrared LEDs, you can keep an eye on everything even at night!

Motion sensor

The adjustable detection area, person recognition and adjustable sensitivity of the sensor ensure optimal monitoring.


The Microphone allows you to communicate easily with people in front of your door.

Indicator LED Display

The indicator LED display not only helps you to set up the video doorbell, but also during the entire operation.

Doorbell Button

When you press the doorbell button, you will immediately be notified on your smartphone, tablet and by the ringing of the chime.


The loudspeaker enables the intercom function of the video doorbell.

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Technical Specifications


2K Quad HD

1/3 "CMOS

3.0 MegaPixels

Image / Video Resolution

2K Quad HD / 2304  x 1296

Frame rate

25 Hz

Intercom Feature

2-way audio is supported!

(integrated loudspeaker and microphone).

Power Supply:  

(Bell transformer)

(Power outlet)

Bell Transformer  

AC 12V-24V.

Power Outlet

DC  12V



- Local video recordings.  

-On demand  Playback.  

- Automatic video recording to SD-Card or cloud

Motion Detection

Motion Detection with

Push notification.



Adjustable detection area



Smart Person Detection -

Thermal imaging

Share Device

Share With

QR-Code or Account Name

Max. User

Several Users possible


Wide Dynamic Range (Digital)

is supported

Viewing Angle

166 °



Alexa / Google / Onvif



Automatic Wake-Up in Miliseconds

Night vision

Night vision up to 20 meters through

integrated infrared LED.



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-15 ° C /  +50 ° C

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Is Supported!


- Micro SD-Card up to 128GB

- Manual storage function on smartphone or tablet

- Cloud storage (optional)



Smart app control;  

Android (4.2 or newer)

Apple iOS (9.0 or newer).


wifi 2.4 GHz, IEEE 802.11 b \ g \ n

Mounting bracket

Mounting bracket is



H: 11.5  cm / W: 4.5 cm / D: 2.7  cm



240mA (IR-LED off)


2 year manufacturer warranty



wireless Chime included

(Connection of several

Bell chimes possible)

Wireless Chime

Wireless Chime Gong

Connect the Cardea Video Doorbell to the Wireless chime to not only get notified on your phone or tablet, but also by acoustic ringtone in your home.  

Plug the chime into any socket and connect it to the Video doorbell in just a few steps.

Türklingel App WLAN

Smart app control

Control the Cardea video doorbell with the app and always keep an eye on your front door.

The Cardea will send you notifications in real time!

Person recognition, adjustable Movement zones and a connection to Alexa enables permanent monitoring of your home.

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Fixed power supply AC 12V - 24V

Connect the Cardea with your doorbell transformer (AC 12V - 24V) or a conventional socket (DC 12V).

No Expertise is necessary for the installation. All necessary installation materials are included in the scope of delivery.  

Through the connection to the Bell transformer the Cardea video doorbell is ready for non-stop operation.

SD Karte Türklingel
Cloud Türklingel

SD card or cloud storage

Local, SD-Card or cloud Storage?  

Decide for yourself!

Images and videos can be stores locally on your smartphone. Alternatively, you can insert an SD-Card into the device and automatically save video data on the SD card .

Cloud Storage is possible as well. However, it is purely optional!

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2K Quad HD

The 2K QuadHD resolution of the Cardea allows for super detailed video recordings.

Thanks to the high resolution, you can see exactly what is happening on your doorstep.  

You can use the app to conveniently adjust the video resolution and set it according to your needs.

Video Doorbell Guide


How do I install the video doorbell?

The installation of the Cardea video doorbell is basically quite simple and quickly done. However, there are a few things to keep in mind here as well.


The video doorbell must first be connected to the app and your Wi-Fi. See the section: `How do I connect the video doorbell to the app?


First, connect the video doorbell to the included power adapter and plug it into the power outlet (DC12V). Please note that the connection to the app and the WLAN must be close to the router to ensure a stable connection. 


After connecting to the app and your WLAN, the video doorbell can be connected to your doorbell transformer (AC 12-24V). First, turn off the power (fuse). Connect the included wires to your existing doorbell wires. The order of the wires does not matter. Now you still need to bypass your existing bell chime with the supplied bypass cable. After that, you can connect the new included bell chime to the Cardea.

After successful installation, your video doorbell will be permanently powered. You will receive a notification on your smartphone and via acoustic ringing sound (wireless ringing chime) when someone rings the Cardea video doorbell. 


The video doorbell can be installed without any expertise. However, if you are not sure about the installation, an installation by an electrician is recommended!

Where do I mount the video doorbell?

Before final installation of the Cardea Video Doorbell and hardwiring to your doorbell transformer, the video doorbell should already be connected to your WLAN and app. 


When mounting, please note the following: 

- Mounting height

- mounting angle

- Surface

- WLAN signal strength


The Cardea has a wide viewing angle. However, it is important to check the viewing angle before mounting. People in front of your front door should be clearly visible. Therefore, we recommend a mounting height between 1.20 meters and 1.50 meters. 


The Cardea video doorbell comes with a mounting bracket. With the mounting bracket, the viewing angle can be optimized so that the video doorbell can also be mounted next to the front door without any problems. With the mounting bracket, the video doorbell can be tilted towards the door, so that people in front of the front door are optimally detected.


The WLAN signal strength at the mounting location plays a very important role for the operation of the video doorbell. Make sure that the following minimum values are observed: 

Download: Min. 10 Mbit / Recommended: 20 Mbit

Upload:  Min. 5 Mbit / Recommended: 10 Mbit

You can measure the WLAN speed at the installation site in advance with your smartphone. 

The mounting surface should also be taken into account. Since the video doorbell needs a stable WLAN connection for smooth operation, it should not be installed on steel or metal surfaces, since steel and metal block the WLAN signal and negatively affect it.

When all the mounting requirements are met, you can mount the Cardea video doorbell and connect it to your doorbell transformer.

How do I connect the video doorbell to the app?

Connect the Cardea Video doorbell with the included power adapter and plug it into the wall socket. 

Now open the app and connect the Cardea to the app and your Wi-Fi. The connection process is described in detail in the user manual and in the app. The description is supplemented by a helpful voice guide. 


This way, you can connect the video doorbell to the app and your WLAN in just a few minutes. 

As soon as you have connected the Cardea video doorbell to the app, it will be displayed in the device list. In the device list, all your Cardea Video doorbells and Apollo security cameras are displayed. 


From here, you can access the live video at any time, regardless of location, and talk to people at your front door using the intercom function. At the same time, you can adjust all settings. The motion sensor can be adjusted according to your environment and needs, and the various storage options are managed directly via the app. 


The smart app control not only provides an easy and quick installation, but is also used for the overall control and setup of your Cardea Video doorbell.  

How do I share my video doorbell?

The Cardea video doorbell can be shared with as many people as you want. After you have set up your Cardea and connected it to the app and your Wi-Fi, you will be added as an administrator in the app. 


As an administrator, you can share your video doorbell with your family and friends. For each person shared, you need to assign usage rights. For example, you can give one person all rights, so that in addition to you, that person can also change the settings, for example. For example, you can allow another person only to watch the live video, but not to change the settings. 


Thus, as an administrator, you can decide with whom you share your Cardea Video doorbell and which rights you give to the respective persons. 


If you as an administrator delete the video doorbell from your device, the video doorbell will be automatically deleted from all shared devices. 


The Cardea is shared via user account name or conveniently via QR code. 

Does the video doorbell have a door opening function?

Wouldn't it be nice if I could also open and close my front door via app? That's what many buyers of the Cardea Video doorbell think. In itself, that would be a nice feature, but on closer inspection, maybe not such a good idea after all?


WLAN-controlled devices offer many advantages, such as remote control and data transmission, and convenient operation via app.


However, it should be noted that cell phones and tablets also have weak points. Viruses can get onto your phone unnoticed, and thus also take control of various apps unnoticed.


If the lock on your front door is also controlled via WLAN, this can lead to a security gap. Furthermore, despite encryption, it cannot be 100% guaranteed that professional hackers and burglar gangs will exploit such 'gaps'.


Therefore, we do not recommend controlling the lock system of your front door via WLAN and have deliberately decided against this function.

How do I integrate the video doorbell into my smart home?

The Cardea video doorbell is compatible with Alexa and Google Nest products. In addition to the useful voice assistants, the Cardea can also be integrated into your smarthome system via an Onvif interface.


Connect the Cardea Video Doorbell to your Alexa Show device and say 'Alexa: Show me my front door' to view live video from the Cardea Video Doorbell on your Alexa Show device. The same is true for Google Nest devices.


The connection to Alexa and Google Nest makes the Cardea Video Doorbell versatile. Thanks to the Onvif interface, you can integrate the smart features of the video doorbell into your smarthome system. 


How do I adjust the motion sensor?

The motion sensor of the Cardea Video Doorbell serves as a security measure and is designed to alert you of any activity at your front door. In order for the motion sensor to fully serve its purpose, it needs to be customized to your environment. The Cardea offers many different ways to customize the motion sensor so that it is perfectly adapted to your needs and environment.


After connecting the Cardea Video Doorbell to the app and your Wi-Fi, you can change the settings in the app and adjust the motion sensor to your environment.


In the settings, you can adjust the detection range of the motion sensor, among other things. For example, you can set the motion sensor so that the street or the sidewalk are ignored by the sensor and no movements are detected there. 


In addition, you can set the sensitivity of the motion sensor and adjust it depending on the number of people.


The motion sensor of the Cardea video doorbell also has an intelligent person detection feature. When this is activated, only movements of people are detected. This way you can avoid annoying false alarms caused by e.g. trees, cars or weather and you will only be notified when a person has been detected.


Thanks to the many setting options, the Cardea can be perfectly adapted to your environment and can be used almost anywhere. 

Can I connect the video doorbell to my doorbell?

The Cardea Video Doorbell connects to your doorbell transformer to provide a permanent power supply, but cannot be connected to your existing doorbell chime.


The Cardea Video Doorbell comes with its own ringing chime, so you don't have to miss out on the audible ringing sound. The included bell chime can be plugged in anywhere in your home and will signal you reliably. 


It is also possible to use several ring gongs. Ring gongs can be retrofitted at any time and are connected to the Cardea in no time. 


You can choose between different ring tones and volume levels, so the ring gong can be used anywhere.