Pro V 1

Video Doorbell

2nd Generation - 2021

The Battery

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  • Intelligent Person Recognition (Motion Detection)

  • No Subscription Required

  • Battery Operation for up to 180 days

  • Crystal clear Intercom Feature

  • Real-Time Notifications

Umweltschutz Recycling

Absolutely Safe

No Follow-up Costs

- No Subscriptions Required

- Data Encryption

- Your Data in Your Hands

Wireless Operation

Battery and WiFi

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Battery operated -

180 days

  • No wiring necessary

  • Charging in 4-6 hours with a standard power supply (Micro USB)

Video Türklingel SD-Karte


SD card storage

  • No follow-up costs

  • No subscriptions

  • Automatic video recording

  • Up to 128 GB

  • Remote access via app

Videoklingel WLAN


Completely Wireless

  • Wireless setup and operation

  • Increased WiFi Range

  • 2.4 GHz WiFi is supported

Klingelgong Chime


Free Chime 

  • Adjustable volume

  • Over 50 ringtones

  • Connect an unlimited number of chimes to your ProV1.

Smart App Control

Unlimited Access from Anywhere

Türklingel App
  • Immediate push notifications

  • Location-independent operation

  • Intercom feature and live video

  • Remote access to all video data

  • Customizable motion sensor

  • Intelligent person recognition

  • Comfortable app control

Long-Term Lithium Battery

Wireless Operation

  • Long-Term Battery (up to 180 days)

  • Wireless Operation

  • Install Anywhere

  • Rechargeable Battery

  • Non-Stop Operational Readiness

Akku Batteriebetrieben

Intercom Feature

Your Front Door Always in View!

Using the smart Intercom Feature you can communicate with your visitors, even if you are not at home. The App offers an intuitive and comfortable way to answer the door anytime and from anywhere.

If you are unable to answer the doorbell call, you can play pre-recorded voicemails. You can save up to 3 voicemails and play them back with the push of a button.

Gegensprechfunktion Türsprechanlage

Wide Viewing Angle

Everything in View

Gegensprechanlage Handy
Türklingel Blickwinkel

Without Bracket

The ProV1 has a wide viewing angle. However, the viewing angle can be optimized with the included mounting bracket.


With Bracket

The included mounting bracket can adjust the ProV1's viewing angle in order to optimize the field of view of the video doorbell.

Motion Detection

Person Recognition

Automatic Video Recording  

Customizable Detection Area

The ProV1 has an intelligent motion sensor, which can adjust to any environment thanks to the adjustable sensitivity levels.  Thanks to the innovative infrared thermal sensor, the motion sensor detects people in front of your door and thus avoids unwanted false alarms.


Intelligent Sensor

Smart Detection


Detection Zone

Adjustable Detection Zone

Customizable Detection Area

 Smart Sensitivity Levels


Alarm Schedule

Individual Alarm Schedule

Day / Night Mode

Automatic On / Off Function

Main Features

All important features at a glance

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with remote access

Türklingel Teilen


as often as you like

Türklingel Live Video Handy

Live Video

2-way audio

Türsprechanlage Handy

One App

many devices

 Easy Mounting

Simple Installation in 3 Steps

Einfache Montage

Step 1

Connect the ProV1 to the App and your WiFi Network in just a few steps.

Türklingel Kamera

Step 2

Install the Mounting plate anywhere thanks to the wireless operation.

Einstellungen Videoklingel

Step 3

Snap the ProV1 to the mounting plate and secure it with the safety screw. 

Security Set

2 Devices - 1 App

Überwachungskamera Akku

Combine any number of ProV1 video doorbells and Apollo surveillance cameras to optimally monitor your home. From the front door to the garden -

Keep Everything in View

Pro V 1

Video Doorbell


Security Camera

Technical Specifications

Video Türklingel Akku WLAN

Light Sensor

The light sensor of the ProV1 detects the surrounding brightness. If the brightness falls below a specified value, night vision is automatically activated.

Micro USB cable connection

Micro USB cable for charging the batteries & for commissioning.

1080p HD camera with night vision

The HD camera of the ProV1 video doorbell enables high-resolution recordings with a wide viewing angle.


The microphone enables the ProV1's

intercom and voicemail feature.

Motion Sensor

The highly sensitive motion sensor offers person recognition, different sensitivity levels and detection zones.

Indicator LED

The indicator LED not only helps you to set up the video doorbell, but also during the entire operation.

Bell Button

When the doorbell button is pressed, you will be notified immediately on your smartphone, tablet and by an acoustic ringing sound of the chime.


The loudspeaker enables the intercom and voicemail feature of the video doorbell.


Full HD video

1 / 2.9 "CMOS

2.0 MegaPixels

Image / video resolution




Smart  Intercom feature via app -

Anywhere, Anytime!

Power supply:  

(Battery pack)

Long-term lithium batteries


Power supply:  

(Bell transformer)

Doorbell transformer  

AC 12V-24V.



- Local video recording.  

-On demand  Playback feature.  

- Automatic video recording: 

SD-Card or cloud

Motion Detection

Motion Detection with

Push Notification.



Customizable detection area



Smart Person Recognition -

Thermal Recognition Technology

Share Device

Share with Friends & Family via

QR-Code or Account Name

Max Users

Unlimited Users Possible


Wide Dynamic Range (Digital)

is supported



155 °

Frame rate

25 Hz



Automatic Wake-Up in Miliseconds

Night Vision

Night vision up to 20 meters through

6 integrated infrared LEDs.



Außenklingel mit Kamera

-10 ° C /  +60 ° C

Video Türklingel wetterschutz




Record up to 3 voice messages  that can be played back when a visitor calls.


- Micro SD-Card up to 128  GB

- Manual storage on smartphone or tablet

- Cloud storage (optional)



Smart App Control;  

Android (4.2 or newer)

Apple iOS (9.0 or newer).


wifi 2.4 GHz, IEEE 802.11 b \ g \ n

Mounting Bracket

Mounting Bracket



H: 15 cm / W: 5.5 cm / D: 3.2 cm


249g (including battery)


2 year manufacturer warranty


Bell chime

Wireless bell Chime included

(Connection of several

Bell gongs possible)

Wireless Chime

Chime Wireless Gong

Connect the ProV1 Video Doorbell to the Wireless Chime to get notified not only by mobile phone or tablet, but also by an acoustic bell sound in your home.  

Simply plug the wireless chime into the socket anywhere and connect it to the video doorbell.

App Klingel

Smart App Control

Control the ProV1 video doorbell via the smart app and keep your door in view at all times.

Every time the doorbell rings or when a motion is detected, you will receive a notification with a live picture of the person in front of your door.

​Person detection, adjustable detection zones and many other settings enable permanent monitoring of your home.

Akku Klingel

Wireless Battery Operation

The long-term battery of the ProV1 ensures non-stop operation for up to 180 days.

No expertise is necessary for the installation of the video doorbell. All necessary installation materials are included in the scope of delivery.  

Alternatively, the ProV1 can also be connected to a Doorbell transformer (AC 12V-24V) to guarantee a permanent power supply. 

SD Karte Türklingel
Cloud Türklingel

SD-Card or Cloud Storage

Local Storage, SD-Card or Cloud?  

Decide for yourself!

Pictures and videos can be saved locally on your smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, you can insert a SD-Card into the device and automatically save image and video data on the SD-Card and access it remotely via the App.

Cloud storage is possible as well. However, cloud storage is purely optional!

Bewegungserkennung Klingel

Customizable Detection Area

The ProV1's motion sensor can be adapted to any environment thanks to the person detection and the adjustable detection area.

The innovative motion Sensor offers many new features and can easily be adjusted in the App settings.