Surveillance Camera



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Wireless Security - For a Safer Home!

  • Acoustic Alarm Feature

  • Bright Spotlight

  • Motion Detection

  • Person Recognition

  • Smart App Control

  • Long-Term battery

  • Wireless Operation


Absolutely Safe

No follow-Up Costs

- No subscriptions required

- data encryption

- Your data in your hands


Visual and Acoustic Warning!

Flutlicht Kamera Kabellos

Deter unauthorized persons with the automatic strobe light and audible alarm.

When the Apollo detects a motion, the spotlight and alarm  

is automatically triggered at night. Of course, these can be easily activated or deactivated in the settings.

Wireless Installation.

Long-Term Battery

Akku Überwachungskamera
  • Long-term battery (>180 days)

  • Non-stop monitoring.

  • Completely wireless

  • Solar panel extension

 Everywhere & Anytime

Real-Time Notification

Überwachungskamera App

Real-Time Audio Communication

2-Way Intercom

Kamera Überwachung

Motion Sensor

Smart Motion Detection

Bewegungserkennung Kamera
  • Automatic video recording

  • Person recognition

  • Immediate notification

  • Improved night vision

App Steuerung Bewegungserkennung

Focused on the most important things

Person Recognition

  • Intelligent Person Recognition

  • Thermosensitive Sensor

  • No False Reports

  • Accurate Motion Detection

Smart App Control

Complete Control in the palm of your Hand

WLAN Kamera
  • Alert notification

  • Intercom function

  • Automatic video recording

  • Motion detection

  • Adjust alarm schedule (time setting)

  • Person recognition

  • Flash / alarm function

Überwachungskamera SD-Karte

Local Storage

Save your pictures and videos directly on your smartphone or tablet.

You can find all locally saved images and videos in the app or in your  Gallery.

Kamera SD Karte

SD-Card Storage

Insert an SD card (max. 128GB) to automatically save videos and images when a motion is detected. 


Remotely access the images and videos at any time via the app.

Überwachungskamera Cloud

Cloud Storage

Images and videos can also easily be stored in the cloud if needed. 


You can conveniently book your desired storage volume via the app.

IP66 Weather Protection


Überwachungskamera Garten

Power Supply

Solar Powered or by Battery

  • Solar Panel Extension

  • Weatherproof Connection

  • 3 Meter Connection Cable

  • Permanent Power Supply

Überwachungskamera aufladen
  • Replaceable Battery

  • Long battery life (180 days)

  • Rechargeable

  • Charging Cable included

Solar Panel

Charging with Solar Energy

Solar Kamera
Solarpanel Überwachungskamera

Connect the Apollo surveillance camera to the solar panel to extend the battery life and to ensure a permanent power supply when there is enough sunlight. Environmentally friendly and comfortable operation!

Security set

Security camera + video doorbell

Combine any number of Apollo surveillance cameras and Cardea / ProV1 video doorbells to optimally monitor your home.

From the front door to the garden - you keep an eye on every corner!

Kamera WLAN Video


Security Camera

Video doorbells

Cardea  /  Pro V 1 

Everything in View


Batterie Akku

Weatherproof Housing: IP66


3.6mm 2K HD Lens

Spotlights /  Headlight

Infrared LED / Night Vision

Motion Sensor


Micro USB port

Battery Status indicator

Long-term Lithium-Ion 

Battery Pack 7800mAh





Micro SD Card

Reset button

Kabellose Überwachungskamera

Battery Operation

The Apollo's battery pack provides up to 6 months of uninterrupted operation. The battery can easily be charged with the included USB cable or optionally with the solar panel.

Flutlicht Kamera


The integrated spotlight is activated by movements and illuminates the surroundings.


In addition to the spotlight, an audible alarm can also be activated when a motion is detected.

Gegensprechanlage WLAN

2-way  Audio

Communicate with people in front of your camera. Thanks to the 2-Way intercom, you can not only hear and see everything on your property, but also talk to people in front of the camera from anywhere via the app .

Bewegungserkennung Kamera

Motion Detection

The highly sensitive motion sensor reliably notifies you of detected movements. Videos can be recorded automatically when a motion is detected.

Personenerkennung Kamera

Person Recognition

With person detection, the Apollo surveillance camera can distinguish between people and other movements and therefore reduce unwanted false alarms.

Überwachungskamera SD Karte


Store your data on the SD-Card, locally on your smartphone memory or optionally in the cloud. You decide and have all the options at your fingertips.

Handy Benachrichtigung Kamera

Push Notification

Apollo keeps you up to date!


Every movement is detected and every person is recognized.

Thanks to push notification, you will be notified of any action on your property.


Night Vision

The infrared LEDs of the Apollo surveillance camera enable optimal recording at any time of day. 

In addition to the infrared LEDs, Apollo can also illuminate your property with the integrated spotlight.

Technical Specifications

Video / picture

1920 * 1080 /  25fps
  HD live video transmission on smartphone and tablet

Power supply

Powerful battery pack

(up to 6 months battery life)


Solar panel (optional)


2-Way Audio Intercom

Motion detection

Motion detection  

with real time notification via APP



Smart Thermal Imaging


Spotlight is activated when a motion is detected (optional)



Acoustic Alarm when motion is detected



Android 4.2 or newer

Apple iOS 9.0 or newer


H: 10.2 cm / W: 11.5 cm / D: 17.1 cm


1/3 "CMOS 1080P / 2.0MP




-10 ° C /  +50 ° C

Überwachungskamera Garten

Weatherproof: IP66

Night Vision

Night vision through powerful  

Infrared LEDs


- Micro SD-Card up to 128 GB

- Local Storage

- Cloud Memory (optional)



Smart App Control

(Android and IOS)


wifi 2.4 GHz, IEEE 802.11 b \ g \ n

Viewing Angle

90 degrees

Power consumption

Standby mode: max. 420mA

Share Device

Apollo can be shared with any number of devices!


2 year manufacturer warranty


Weatherproof Housing: IP66


Person Recognition

Thanks to smart person detection, the Apollo surveillance camera can distinguish between people and other movements and therefore reduce unwanted false alarms.

Flutlicht Überwachungskamera


The immediate region around a detected movement is brightly illuminated at night by the integrated floodlight.


In addition, an alarm tone sounds, which provides an acoustic deterrent.

Solar Panel

Solar Panel

Increase the battery life with the help of the additionally available solar panel. This can be used anywhere thanks to the simple installation method.

Surveillance Camera

Where do I install my surveillance camera?

It is legal and your right to install a surveillance camera on your house and secure your home from thefts and burglaries. 

The only thing to keep in mind is that you are only monitoring your own property. Neighbors, public and non-profit properties are not allowed to be monitored by you.


You have now decided to buy a surveillance camera and now you are faced with the question of where to install the surveillance camera?


It is important to choose the right and most effective location for your surveillance camera. Before you start the installation, you should answer the following questions:


What areas do I want to monitor?

Where are the most burglar-prone areas of my home?

Has there been a break-in before? If so, where did the break-in occur?

Are there access points (windows/doors) that are easy burglary targets?


Find the most vulnerable places on your house based on 

the above questions. Now choose the best possible location for your surveillance camera.

After installation, take a look at the observation area and adjust the viewing angle of the surveillance camera if necessary. 


Tip: As a rule, patio doors, windows and basement entrances are the easiest targets for burglars.

How do I install my surveillance camera?

After you have decided on the optimal location for the surveillance camera, the installation can begin. Before installing the surveillance camera, you should decide at what height you want to install the camera. The surveillance camera should be installed high enough to be out of reach of burglars but low enough to see accurate details. The optimal distance from the area to be monitored is about 10 meters. 


Since the Apollo is installed completely wireless, you can choose the installation location freely! The only thing to note is that the WLAN speed at the motor location is sufficient

(Min: Download: 10Mbit / Upload: 5Mbit). If necessary WiFi repeater/

repeaters must be installed to ensure a secure Internet connection.


Next, you need to create a user account in the app and use the app to connect the surveillance camera to the Internet. Thanks to the built-in QR code scanner in the app, the surveillance camera can be connected to your user account and the Internet in just a few steps. Any other camera settings, such as motion detection, can be set directly in the app. 

Now, thanks to the live video transmission, you have access to your surveillance camera at any time and are always informed about all activities on your property. 

Most important features of a WiFi surveillance camera?

There are many surveillance cameras on the market. The choice is wide. So what should you generally look for when buying a surveillance camera?


First of all, it is important to know what kind of security camera you are interested in and how you want to operate it.


Do you want one or more surveillance cameras?

Do you need a flood/flash light and/or alarm function?

How do you want to store the video footage?

Do you want the surveillance camera to be active at night?

Do you need motion detection?


Only after you have answered the above questions, you can find a surveillance camera that fits your needs. 


Before you buy a surveillance camera, pay close attention to the technical specifications. Many models do not offer 1080p Full HD video resolution or do not have a night vision function or motion detection. If you are using the security camera as a burglar alarm, these are all essential features that your security camera should have. 


To avoid false alarms, the Apollo has a person detection feature so that the motion sensor is only triggered by people and not by moving trees or bushes, for example.


If you want to do without the cumbersome wiring, WiFi IP surveillance cameras are an option. However, a WiFi connection must be available at the installation site. 


Only after an exact planning and needs analysis, you can find the optimal surveillance camera.

Advantages of a WiFi surveillance camera.

WiFi surveillance camera is conquering the surveillance camera market more and more in recent years. Every year there are more suppliers of these WiFi models and even long-established manufacturers of surveillance camera systems now offer WiFi-capable models.


So why are WiFi enabled surveillance cameras becoming more and more popular? What exactly are the advantages? 


The biggest and most significant difference between the new iFi and the old wired security cameras is the installation, or rather the wiring. In the past, endless cables had to be laid and holes drilled to successfully install a surveillance camera and connect it to the Internet. 

Most of the time, security companies were hired to install the surveillance cameras and get them up and running. This is not only a long process, but also costs a lot of money. 


With the WiFi surveillance cameras available on the market today, this is no longer necessary. Through intuitive apps, WiFi surveillance cameras can be quickly mounted and connected to the home WiFi by any layman. Most of the time, the surveillance cameras are delivered ready for connection, so the complete installation can be done in less than 30 minutes, even without prior knowledge. 


Another plus point is the mobility. Not only can the live video be accessed from anywhere via smartphone or tablet, but the surveillance cameras themselves can be moved to a new mounting location with ease. Through the WiFi connection, the camera is connected everywhere in your home and can therefore be used anywhere. In addition, the Wi-Fi connection can not be disconnected by burglars compared to a fixed Internet connection via cable.


WiFi surveillance cameras are a cheaper, more flexible and more intuitive alternative to traditional surveillance camera systems.

Which devices does my WiFi surveillance camera transmit to?

Once you have registered in the app and connected the WiFi surveillance cameras to your user account, you can basically access your surveillance camera from any smartphone or tablet.


The app for controlling the surveillance camera can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple iOS App Store and is therefore available for any Android or Apple device. 


After you have connected the Apollo surveillance camera to your user account, you can share it with your whole family. This is done in just a few steps in the app. This way you keep in hand who has access to your surveillance camera. Additionally, you can distribute different user rights, so you can determine who is allowed to do what.


Floodlight and Alarm Feature

The Apollo surveillance camera has a flood-flash and alarm function. 


These can be set and adjusted in the settings of the surveillance camera. 


The flood light function is only activated at night when motion is detected. Thus, the monitored area is illuminated and provides as a deterrent. The alarm function can be activated in addition or as an alternative to the floodlight function. The alarm function is also only activated at night.


Thanks to the floodlight and alarm function, the Apollo offers multiple protection measures. Not only are all areas video-monitored, but also secured by a visual and audible alarm.


Of course, the floodlight and alarm function can be disabled separately or completely. An individual alarm plan (schedule) can also be created so that the motion sensor is automatically activated and deactivated at certain times.


The Apollo enables an optimal protection for your home through the different application possibilities! 

How many surveillance cameras can I connect to my WiFi network?

In every house and apartment there are weak points that are tempting for burglars and make it easy for them to break into the house or apartment. 


Once you have identified these danger spots, you will know where and how many surveillance cameras are necessary to optimally protect your home from burglars.


Not so long ago, the installation of a surveillance system consisting of several cameras was a long and expensive process. 

surveillance system was a long and expensive process. 


With our surveillance system, you can quickly and easily add as many Apollo surveillance cameras and Cardea video doorbells to your user account and have access to the live video of all surveillance cameras and video doorbells at any time.

Each surveillance camera can be named individually (garage/entrance/ etc..), so whenever motion is detected, you will know immediately which surveillance camera has detected the motion. When you click on the push notification, you will be immediately redirected to the correct video.

Where will my Data be stored?

There are several ways to store image and video data from the Apollo surveillance camera. Image and video data can be stored either locally on your smartphone or tablet, on an SD card, or in the cloud.


With the Apollo surveillance camera, all options are open to you. Images and videos can be recorded manually in the app. These are filed and stored on your local memory. 


You can also set up an auto-save function where videos are automatically saved to the SD card or to the cloud upon motion detection. That way, you won't miss a thing! Even if you miss the push notification, you can always view the motion detection video via the app.


Whether you want to save the automatic video recordings in the cloud or on an SD card is up to you!


With the Apollo surveillance camera, you have all the options!

Should I buy a WiFi security camera?

Whether you want to buy a wireless surveillance camera is your decision.

However, one thing is certain: a surveillance camera not only gives you the feeling of being safe, but also serves as a deterrent for burglars and helps in the investigation of the police if someone should break into your home despite a surveillance camera breaks into your home. 


If you have decided to secure your house or apartment with a surveillance camera, WiFi surveillance cameras offer many advantages over hardwired surveillance cameras.


Here are a few advantages of a wireless security camera:


  • Fast installation and internet connection as our WiFi surveillance cameras are delivered ready to connect.

  • Access to live video via app.

  • Quick save function to your cell phone or tablet.

  • Push notification to smartphone or tablet when motion is detected.

  • Can be used anywhere in the home WiFi

  • Floodlight and alarm feature.