Die Video Türklingeln der Weber Protect

Weber Protect Türklingeln

Video Türklingeln

Pro V 1

Türklingel WLAN


Türklingel mit Kamera


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The Battery Video Doorbell!

Install Anywhere / Fully Wireless /  

180 days of battery life!


Video Türklingel WLAN


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Türklingel Handy

The Hardwire Video Doorbell!

2K Quad HD Video / People Recognition /  

Alexa connection / Voicemail

Video Intercom System

Video Doorbells


WLAN Klingel mit Handy

Motion Detection

  • Intelligent Person Recognition

  • Customizable Detection Zones

  • Notification on Smartphones / Tablets

Intercom Feature

  • Answer the door from anywhere

  • Real Time Intercom via App

No Subscriptions / No Costs

  • Storage on SD card or local storage

  • Automatic recording possible.

Ultra Wide Viewing Angle

  • Ultra-Wide Viewing Angle

  • Incl. Mounting Bracket

Free Doorbell Chime

  • Free Wireless Doorbell chime included.

  • Connect any number of Doorbell Chimes

Innovation aus Berlin

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Die Video Türklingeln der Weber Protect GmbH sind für jedes Zuhause geeignet. Sicherheit fängt an der Haustür an und mit unseren Video Türklingeln sind Sie bestens geschützt. Sie sehen jederzeit wer vor Ihrer Tür ist. Auch unterwegs werden Sie umgehend über jegliche Aktivitäten benachrichtigt.

- Entwickelt in Berlin

- Deutscher Kundensupport

- Installation mit Sprachführung

- Kostenfreie Einrichtungstermine (Telefon)

- Rund-Um-Sorglos-Paket

- Qualitätsgarantie

Unser Kundenservice in Berlin hilft Ihnen gerne: 

030 98404930 

(Mo-Fr: 9:00 -17:00 Uhr)

Weber Protect Türklingel

Weber Protect Video Doorbells are suitable for every home!

Receive immediate notifications when the doorbell button is pressed or a motion is detected. Access the live video at any time via the app  and communicate with your visitors from anywhere.  

Never miss anything in front of your door!

Video Türklingel mit Kamera Deutschland
WLAN Türklingel mit Video

Video Doorbell Guide

The Video Doorbells Compared?

Weber Protect Video Doorbells are suitable for almost every house or apartment.

The ProV1 is a modern video doorbell with many innovative features. The highly sensitive motion sensor detects every movement in front of your door. When a motion is detected, you will receive a notification on your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to the intercom feature, you can communicate with your visitors at any time and from anywhere. The light and brightness sensor and the infrared LEDs enable good video and image recordings day and night. The ProV1 is battery operated. The data can be saved on your local storage or on an SD card.


With the Hard-Wired Cardea Video Doorbell, Weber Protect has developed a completely new generation of video doorbells. The 2K QuadHD camera enables high-resolution recordings with a particularly wide viewing angle. The new type of motion sensor enables person recognition and can adapt to any surroundings thanks to the adjustable detection zones. You can decide where movements should be detected and where they shouldn’t. With Cardea you can not only communicate with visitors at any time and from anywhere, but you can also leave a voicemail for visitors in your absence. The Cardea can be connected to Alexa and Google Nest. The data can be saved locally, on an SD card, or optionally in the cloud. Thus the Cardea leaves nothing to be desired!

Video Doorbell - Data Storage

There are several ways to save the picture and video data of your video doorbell.


Local Storage: 
Both the ProV1 and the Cardea can save image and video data locally on your smartphone or tablet. Save pictures and videos directly from the app's live video. Locally saved images and videos can be viewed via the app or with your other images in the gallery / photos.


SD-Card Storage:
The ProV1 and Cardea can also store videos automatically on a SD-Card. The data can then be called up and viewed via the app at any time and from anywhere. You can see everything the video doorbell recorded retrospectively. However, an SD-Card has limited capacity. When the SD card is full, old data is automatically deleted so that new data can continue to be recorded.

Cloud Storage:
Both Video Doorbells also offer the option to save data in the cloud. The data can be called up and viewed at any time via the app. The cloud storage makes it possible to save unlimited pictures and videos depending on the booked data volume. This means that image and video data are never lost!

Video Doorbell as an Intercom System?

Video doorbells are used more and more because of their many advantages compared to traditional intercom systems. But can a video doorbell really replace your previous intercom system?

In short - YES it can, but only if certain requirements are met.

Before you replace your intercom with a new video doorbell, the following should be considered:

1) Is my WiFi Signal strong enough? 

The WiFi speed and signal strength at the mounting location are critical for the operation of your video doorbell. The stronger the signal, the smoother the operation. Following requirements should be met:

Minimum WiFi signal speed: 

Download speed: 6Mbit

Upload speed: at least 3Mbit

For optimal operation, the download and upload speed should exceed 10Mbit. 

Please note that the WiFi test at the mounting location should be carried out with the doors closed.

2) Smartphone or Tablet?

Video doorbells must always be controlled via App. The App works on Android and Apple iOS devices. Check in advance with which smartphones or tablets you want to connect the video doorbell. Keep in mind that you can connect the Video Doorbells to multiple devices. A connection can only be made via Apple iOS or Android devices. In addition to the App, the Cardea Video doorbell can also be connected to other systems, such as Alexa or Google Nest. If you want to access the video doorbell and be notified outside of your home, you must be connected to the internet via mobile data.

How do I install my Video Doorbell?

Video doorbells are very easy to install. However, there are a few things to consider before the installation process:

1) Video Doorbell Installation

When installing the video doorbell, you must first decide whether you want to operate the video doorbell with batteries (ProV1) or hardwired (Cardea) (connected to your bell transformer). After you have decided on a power supply, the installation location must be determined. Your WiFi connection must be strong enough at the mounting location. The mounting surface is also important for smooth operation. Metal and reinforced concrete substrates should be avoided. 

When you found the optimal mounting location, attach the mounting plate with the included screws and dowels or with the adhesive pad. Then the video doorbell can be placed on the mounting plate and firmly connected to the mounting plate with the security screw (theft protection). 

2) Connection to your smartphone and your WiFi

The video doorbells can be connected to your smartphone and WiFi within a few short steps. To do this, you must first download the app from the Google Play or the Apple App Store. The video doorbell is first connected to your smartphone. This only takes a few clicks. Then you enter your WiFi password, assign a name and ... Done!

Video doorbell with built-in Door Lock?

Wouldn't it be nice if I could open and close my front door with my smartphone? This is what many buyers of a video doorbell think. That would be a nice feature, but on closer inspection, maybe not a good idea after all?

WiFi controlled devices offer many advantages, such as remote-control access and data transfer and convenient operation via app.

However, it should be noted that smartphones and tablets also have weak points. Viruses can get onto your smartphone unnoticed and thereby also take control of various apps without the user ever knowing.

If your door lock is also controlled via WiFi and an App, this can lead to a major security gap. In addition, it cannot be 100% guaranteed that professional hackers and robbers will not exploit such 'loopholes'.

We therefore advise against controlling the door lock system via WiFi or an App and have deliberately decided against this feature.

Theft Protection - How do I protect my Video Doorbell?

How can you protect your video doorbell from being stolen?

The Weber Protect video doorbells are equipped with a very effective security screw. The mounting plate is screwed tightly to the video doorbell so that the video doorbell is firmly attached to the door and cannot be removed.

The stored image and video recordings provide additional security. All of our Video doorbells can store video data in the cloud, along with the classic SD-Card storage. This allows you to review recordings of the theft at any time.  

In addition, the signal LED of the Video Doorbells light up when a motion is detected. This acts as a deterrent and signals the people in front of the door that you have been recognized and recorded by the video doorbell.

For these reasons, thefts of the video Doorbells are very rare!


Video Doorbell - Battery vs. Hardwired?

The battery operation of the video doorbell enables quick and easy installation and commissioning. Insert the batteries, connect it to the App, mount the video doorbell on the wall and ... done! 

Battery operation offers several advantages. In contrast to hardwiring, you can freely choose the mounting location. For example, it is not necessary to ensure that the existing doorbell wires are in the right place. You can attach the video doorbell anywhere as long as a WiFi signal is available. Installation is also much easier than hardwiring a doorbell. All you have to do is insert the batteries and charge them using the included charging cable. After fully charging the batteries, the video doorbell is ready to go! 

The battery life is between 4 and 6 months depending on use and can be recharged within a few hours. Battery operation is the easiest and most comfortable way to operate your video doorbell.  

As an alternative to battery operation, the video doorbell can also be connected to your doorbell transformer (ProV1 - AC 12V-24V / Cardea - AC 12V -24V / DC 12V). Hardwiring is a bit more complicated at first because you have to connect the existing doorbell wires (bell transformer) to the video doorbell. To do this, you must screw the enclosed clamping shoes onto the mounting plate. Then you have to connect the wires to the existing wires of the bell transformer. If you can measure a voltage at the contact points of the mounting plate, the video doorbell can be installed on the mounting plate. 

With a fixed power supply, you do not have to worry about battery life. This allows for faster wake-up and connection times. It also allows for a higher video resolution, as you do not have to worry about draining the batteries. However, you are very limited in the choice of the mounting location since you have to install the video doorbell exactly where the wires are. Fortunately, the Video Doorbells have an ultra wide viewing angle and come with a mounting bracket to make sure that you see everything no matter where the doorbell is installed.