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Smart Carbon Monoxide Detector

WP-616 (Black)

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Smart Carbon Monoxide Detector

WP-616 (White)

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10-year Smoke Detector

WP-518 (Black)



10-year Smoke Detector

WP-518 (White)

€ 16.99

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Smart Gas Detector

WP-818 (Black)

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Every year, many people die as a result of smoke inhalation. Many more suffer mild to moderate smoke poisoning. Poisoning can have far-reaching consequences. Headaches, severe coughing, vomiting, dizziness, circulatory and respiratory problems are just some of the many symptoms of smoke poisoning. Just a few seconds in the toxic smoke is enough to lose consciousness, which can have fatal consequences.  

At Weber Protect, we try to prevent this danger by providing information on the subject and offering appropriate protective measures. The 10-year smoke detector from Weber Protect provides reliable protection. As soon as an increased smoke development is measured, the detector alerts the occupants immediately and reliably.

Smoke Detectors Save Lives!



  • 10-year lithium battery

  • 10 year limited warranty

  • Tested quality according to EN 14604

  • Status LED

  • Integrated, 85dB loud alarm

  • Pollution compensation

  • Automatic self-monitoring

  • Theft protection

  • Mute function


Everything about our smoke detector at a glance


The WP 518 10-year smoke detector meets the highest European safety standards. Therefore, this is tested and certified according to the EN14604 standard.

Many innovative features distinguish the WP 518 from conventional smoke detectors. 

The WP 518 is a photo-optical smoke detector with an advanced smoke chamber. This ensures that the smoke particles in the air are accurately measured at all times. False alarms and false alarms are thus almost eliminated.

Intelligent contamination compensation and automatic self-monitoring make the smoke detector particularly easy to maintain.

The integrated 10-year lithium battery ensures that the WP 518 smoke detector functions perfectly for a full 10 years without battery replacement. This minimizes the necessary maintenance, which saves them time and effort.

A supplied installation kit helps them to quickly install the detector anywhere without difficulty.

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In addition to the included mounting kit (screws & dowels), we offer you with our double-sided adhesive pads the highest installation convenience without drilling, screws, dirt or noise.

Simply peel off the foils on one of the two sides and stick the adhesive pads on the side of the mounting plate facing the wall. Now press the mounting plate with the adhesive pads firmly against the wall for 10 seconds. Now mount the smoke detector to the mounting plate and.... Done!

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Smoke Detector Guide

Why do you need a smoke alarm?

Why do we actually need smoke detectors? I can see and smell when there's a fire. Wrong!

In Germany alone, around 30 people still die in fires every month. Most of them do not die from the fire itself, but from fatal smoke poisoning. Only a few breaths are enough to lose consciousness. 

There is still the opinion with many that one recognizes the fire and the smoke developing thereby also without smoke detectors. This can be true in some cases, but if the fire breaks out in the attic or basement, for example, it is usually only noticed when it is already too late. The same is true at night. People's sense of smell is not active during sleep. This means that we can not smell the fire and smoke when we sleep. And neither can the dog!

To avoid the deadly dangers of fire or smoke poisoning, we must be vorbeireitet and install smoke detectors that can warn us of a fire early and thus save our lives. 

Smoke Detector Laws!

Due to the many deaths caused by fires, there is a smoke detector obligation in Germany as well as in many other countries. Smoke detectors must be installed in all 16 federal states. 

The smoke detector obligation is regulated in the building regulations of the individual federal states. The individual guidelines include where and in which rooms smoke detectors must be installed. 

However, there are rules that apply in all federal states. For example, that the owner is responsible for installing smoke detectors in new buildings and conversions. For existing buildings, this is regulated in the individual state building codes. 

An overview of everything important to the smoke detector requirement in Germany:

Where do I install smoke alarms?

It is always the duty of an owner / landlord to install smoke detectors. But where exactly do I install a smoke detector? 

How a smoke detector must be installed and maintained is regulated in the user standard for smoke detectors, the DIN 14676, is regulated. Where a smoke detector must be installed is also identical in almost all states.


Here are a few basics:


  • Smoke detectors must be installed in all bedrooms and children's rooms (This can also include your living room if it also serves as a sleeping area).

  • Smoke detectors must also be installed in hallways and escape routes.

  • Smoke detectors must be mounted on the ceiling of the room using the instructions provided. The smoke detector must be open, horizontal and centered in the room with at least 50 cm distance from lamps/beams/walls and joists. 

  • Smoke detectors can be mounted using the screws and dowels provided or alternatively using an adhesive pad.

  • Smoke detectors have a coverage area of 60 sqm. For larger rooms or rooms with interruptions, at least 2 smoke detectors must be installed.

  • Air shafts and rooms with strong steam should be avoided.

  • For pointed attics, the smoke detector should be installed 30-50cm below the roof peak.

  • In case of a ceiling inclination of more than 20 degrees, an angle should be attached to the ceiling so that the smoke detector can be mounted horizontally.

What to look out for with smoke alarms?

Smoke detectors are safety products and should save our lives in case of emergency. Therefore, it is natural to pay attention to the quality. Smoke detectors are already available from 5€ on the Internet or hardware store. However, these models are more susceptible to contamination and are less reliable in an emergency. In addition, you have to change the battery every year. Therefore, over 10 years, it is often cheaper to buy a more expensive 10-year smoke detector. 


On the following characteristics is to be paid attention with a good smoke detector:


  • Permanently installed 10-year lithium battery

  • Dirt compensation

  • 14604 certification

  • Status LED 

  • True alarm precision

Facts and figures on fires / smoke inhalation

Did you know that more fires start during the day but that there are more fire deaths at night? Or that more people die from smoke inhalation than from the fire itself?


Here are a few facts about fires and smoke inhalation:


  • Every month, more than 30 people die from fires and smoke inhalation in Germany alone.

  • Three breaths of the highly toxic fire smoke are enough to lose consciousness, which can have fatal consequences.

  • There are around 200,000 fires in Germany every year.

  • Most fires are caused by defective household appliances.

  • People's sense of smell is not active during sleep. Smoke and fire can therefore not be detected during sleep.

  • 35% of all fires occur at night / 65% of all fires occur during the day.

  • 70% of all fire deaths occur at night / 30% of all fire deaths occur during the day

  • In the event of a fire, you have on average only 4 minutes to leave your home before the toxic fumes become a hazard.

  • Smoke detectors minimize the risk of smoke poisoning enormously, because you are warned early and can therefore still leave the house in time.

How does a Smoke Alarm work?

Smoke alarms or simply smoke detectors detect fire smoke even at low concentrations and warn the occupants in time so that there is enough time to leave the house. Most smoke detectors use the scattered light principle and are therefore called optical smoke detectors. These smoke detectors have the advantage that they can distinguish between real fire smoke and, for example, cigarette smoke or water vapor and thus trigger fewer false alarms (decoy alarms).


This is how an optical smoke detector works: 

The optical smoke chamber of the smoke detector contains an infrared light-emitting diode and a receiver sensor. This sensor is highly sensitive to light and does not point directly at the infrared light-emitting diode. The infrared light emitting diode flashes a beam of light into the smoke chamber every few seconds, but this is not normally noticed due to the remote position of the receiver sensor. Only if there are smoke particles in the smoke chamber, the light beam is scattered and reflected, so that the light beam hits the receiver sensor. Now the smoke detector sounds the alarm.

Maintenance and Repair

Smoke detectors, like any other electrical device, need to be taken care of. Smoke detectors can become dirty over time, which limits the true alarm accuracy of the smoke detector. This can lead to nuisance false alarms. The smoke detector's battery can become depleted, preventing the smoke detector from warning you in the event of an emergency and therefore no longer providing protection. For these reasons, a smoke detector must be serviced regularly.


The following things must be observed during maintenance:


  • Smoke detectors must be serviced at least once a year.

  • During maintenance, first check all entry openings and clean them if they are blocked. Alternatively, use a vacuum cleaner to carefully vacuum the smoke detector along the entry openings. (Caution: Never blow into the smoke detector, as you would only scatter the dust particles in the smoke chamber).

  • During maintenance, press the test/stop button to see if the smoke detector and battery are still working. You should hear an audible signal and see a visual signal through the status LED. Only if both are working the smoke detector is fully functional.

Fire Protection and Fire Prevention

The best protection against fires and smoke poisoning is preventive tape protection and appropriate fire prevention measures. We all know the familiar causes of fires, such as a cigarette in bed or a forgotten cooking pot on the stove.

But every household is full of hidden danger spots. It is important to recognize the danger spots and to avoid the causes of fire.


You should pay attention to the following danger spots:


Electrical household appliances.

25% of all fires are caused by electrical household appliances. defective cables and wiring are often the cause of these fires. The appliances most at risk are toasters, hair dryers, heaters, irons, washing machines and dryers. The following rules should therefore always be observed:


  • Replace defective cables

  • Do not overload sockets

  • Unplug electrical appliances when not in use (even if the appliance is idle)

  • Do not use fan heaters to dry clothes


Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are also one of the most common causes of fires. The forgotten cooking pot or kitchen towel on the stove that was not turned off or the food that was forgotten in the oven can quickly start a fire. But even less conspicuous appliances such as the extractor hood, on which a lot of grease has been deposited over the years, can quickly become dangerous. So it is important to be careful here. If a fire does break out, it is important to know how to extinguish it. Not every fire is extinguished with water. In the case of a grease fire, for example, you should never extinguish it with water. The water would cause an explosive reaction and injure all bystanders. In the case of a grease fire, smother the fire by, for example, placing the lid (not plastic) on the pot and then removing the pot from the stove top with a glove.


Flammable Liquids and Spray Cans

Alcohol, aerosol cans, varnish, gasoline, solvents and oil are considered flammable liquids that should be handled with care. Do not store these near fires, radiators or stoves under any circumstances. Proper storage can drastically minimize unnecessary fire hazards.



Fireplaces, tiled stoves, Swedish stoves, etc. are also considered fire hazards, so there are a few things to keep in mind if you own one of these appliances. It is easy to underestimate how much heat these devices cause and how quickly a spark that hits flammable material nearby can cause a fire. Therefore, when using these devices, first remove any nearby flammable materials to minimize the risk of fire.



Cigarette and cigar residue and shisha charcoal are also among the causes of many fires. Cigarettes, cigars and shisha charcoal should be properly disposed of in a non-combustible container or, alternatively, should have long since burned out. 



Candles are beautiful and romantic. But candles can also quickly become a danger. You should therefore never leave them unattended and always put them out if you are not present in the room yourself.