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Wireless Doorbell

The easiest doorbell in the world!


No Batteries Required

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Plug &


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150 Meters


Install Anywhere

Plug & Play

The Wireless Doorbell is already connected right out of the box. Since no batteries are required for operation, the Wireless Doorbell is ready to go without a lengthy installation.


1.  Mount the doorbell button

2.  Plug the chime into the socket

3.  ....and done!

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No Batteries Required 

No battery changes or failures

The Wireless Doorbell does not require any batteries!

  • No failures due to dead batteries.

  • No battery changes required.

  • Convenient and easy installation and operation.  

You save time and money! 

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150 Meter Range

Pre-programmed radio link

Due to the stable pre-programmed radio connection, the wireless Doorbell is suitable for every building. No matter how big or small! With a maximum range of 150 meters, the Wireless Doorbell can be used anywhere.

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Ready for any situation

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Adhesive or Screw & Dowel


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To make the installation even more convenient, each wireless doorbell comes with an adhesive pad.

Easy Installation without any drilling!


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As an alternative to the adhesive mounting, the wireless doorbell can also be installed using screw mounting. All installation materials are included!

Any number of Chimes can be connected!

1 Button - Many Chimes

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Wireless Klingelgong

The wireless doorbell adapts perfectly to any environment!

Connect any number of bell gongs to your doorbell button so that you can always hear the doorbell even in larger buildings. Thanks to these expansion options and the large range, the radio bell is ideally suited for every building!

Configure your wireless doorbell:

Starter Pack: The Starter Pack includes a doorbell button and a chime. The button and the chime are already connected out of the box.

Chime: You can add additional chimes to your starter pack at any time. The connection of further chimes is done in a few minutes and can easily be done without dismantling the wireless doorbell.

Wireless Doorbell


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Technical specifications

Radio Doorbell


Wireless Doorbell

Radio range

150 Meters

Plug & Play

Plug in and go!

No connection necessary!


Radio link: 433mhz


Power supply:

Bell button: No batteries required!

Bell chime: socket - DC12V



Chime for indoor use included

(Connection of several

chimes possible)



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-20 ° C /  +50 ° C

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Dimensions (cm)

Bell button: H: 7.0 / W: 4.6 / D: 2.0

Bell chime: H: 9.2 / W: 6.2 / D: 3.2


2 year manufacturer warranty

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No  Batteries  Necessary!

The wireless doorbell does not require any batteries!

The chime plugs into the power outlet and the doorbell button does not require a power supply.  

Thanks to battery-free operation, you

never again have to worry about battery failures or changes!

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Plug & Play!

The wireless doorbell is already connected when delivered!  

All you have to do is plug the chime into the socket, mount the bell button and you're ready to go!

It's the easiest doorbell in the world!