Alarm System


Alarmanlage. Überwachungssystem
Überwachung Haus

Alarm System


WLAN GSM Telefon


Use one or more connection types to operate the alarm system. Thus, the alarm system remains operational at all times.

App Alarmanlage

App Control

Control all functions and sensors via app. Conveniently and location-independent with your smartphone or tablet.

Alarmanlage Einstellungen

Five Alarm Zones

Decide when which sensor should trigger. Each sensor and each zone can be customized.


Intelligent Sensors

All sensors can be set up and controlled via app, even remotely. Each sensor is individually customizable.

Back-Up Battery

Even in the event of a power failure, the alarm system remains fully operational.

SafeAngel at a Glance

The  Alarm System  for Everyone

Haus Alarmanlage
  • Quick installation without specialized personnel

  • No monthly fees

  • Intelligent voice announcement (German)

  • Up to 99 alarm zones

  • 5 different alarm zone types

  • 150m radio range

  • Free customer service

  • Intuitive app control

  • Call and SMS function

  • Listening and voice function

  • Focusing delay

  • Up to 396 sensors

  • Connection to a security service possible

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SafeAngel Alarm System

For your safe home


The days when alarm systems were only available to the rich are over. 


With our alarm system we want to revolutionize the security market.


We bypass the security trade and security service providers to work directly with our customers.


In the future, expensive installation teams will no longer be needed to install an alarm system. With our alarm system, our customers take it all into their own hands. We help you with an intuitive app and understandable German language support of the alarm system. 


This will save you a lot of money. We make it possible that in the future everyone can afford an alarm system and feel safe.


Various sensors and alarms, as well as the different application options via WLAN, GSM or telephone make our alarm system the perfect security solution for your home. 


Support our vision to secure every home and make everyone feel safe.Quick installation without specialized personnel

Alarmanlage Sim Karte


The alarm system is equipped with a GSM module. With a SIM card, the alarm system can be connected to the mobile network. In case of alarm, SMS and calls are sent to selected phone numbers. The alarm system can be controlled directly from your phone and provides a reliable alarm in any situation.

WLAN Alarmanlage


Connect the alarm system to your home WLAN and control the alarm system with an intuitive app from anywhere. Any settings can be conveniently adjusted from the app and all alarms will be immediately forwarded to you in real time. There is no more convenient way to set up and operate an alarm system.

Telefon Alarmanlage


The alarm system has a telephone connection that allows you to connect the alarm system directly to a telephone. Not only will you receive a call from the alarm system in the event of an alarm, but you can also call the alarm system and adjust settings directly from your phone. Arming/disarming can also be done by a simple call.

Funk Alarmanlage

Alarm Zone

The SafeAngel alarm system offers you a wide range of configuration options. Sensors can be added to different alarm zones. In addition to the division of the sensors into the respective alarm zones, each alarm zone can also be configured. The SafeAngel alarm system has five different alarm zone types. Each alarm zone can be assigned to one of the five different alarm zone types. This allows you to configure the alarm system according to your needs. 


For example, you can assign all sensors inside the house to a Home Alarm Zone and all sensors outside the house to a Normal Zone. If you now activate the home alarm mode, all sensors of the outer skin will be activated and all sensors in the home alarm zone will remain inactive. This is useful if you sleep at home at night and don't want the motion sensors to go off when you move around your house at night. Nevertheless, an alarm will be triggered if someone tries to penetrate the outer skin and break into your home.