about us

Weber Protect GmbH

Weber Protect GmbH is an owner-managed family business based in the Adlershof Technology Park in Berlin.


Weber Protect was founded by Julian Weber.

A professional burglary series in his neighborhood sensitized him to the topic of "security around the house".

As a sales manager and export manager, he gained experience in various companies and areas of security technology. Over the years, he established numerous contacts with international sales partners and familiarized himself with the most diverse security needs of customers.

As a partner and managing director, he brought his brother Claudius Weber into the company, an expert in international marketing and finance.

During an extended stay in the USA, he became involved with various advanced security concepts.


Two years ago, the company moved to Berlin Adlershof. The scientific location offers ideal conditions for developing Weber Protect's innovative products.


The management is supported by dedicated employees in development, marketing and finance. Security experts and customer service staff with a high level of expertise take care of customers' needs.


The goal of Weber Protect is to develop products for the modern smart home in the simplest form.

The Weber Protect team believes that a well-secured home enhances the quality of life. Therefore, the stated goal of Weber Protect is to find the most effective ways to secure your home and prevent danger and damage to your home.

In doing so, products are developed that can be installed intuitively and without prior knowledge. These products should be accessible to everyone. However, with the affordable prices, there should be no compromise on quality.

In line with the modern lifestyle, the products can be easily operated anywhere on the smartphone via app.


Julian and Claudius Weber founded Weber Protect to find a smart way to protect their customers' own four walls with innovative security concepts. Direct contact with the customer is particularly important to the Weber Protect team!

Our vision is to be Germany's leading home security company, providing our customers with peace of mind through custom home security solutions.


Weber Protect, through its people and processes, will provide the highest quality and most innovative home security solutions possible by thoroughly understanding our customers' needs.


In order to achieve this, we have a number of standards that we will always uphold.



CUSTOMER-DRIVEN - We at Weber Protect care about the safety and security of our customers. We will be respectful, empathetic, responsive, quality focused, caring and consistent in all customer relations. We will always keep the customer at the forefront of our decisions and our actions.


TEAMWORK - We will communicate our Vision, Mission and Values in a clear, consistent and transparent manner so that all team members understand their role and requirements in achieving it's strategic goals. Every member of the Weber Protect team will contribute their individual time and talent in a coordinated effort to ensure the company will consistently meet these goals.


INTEGRITY - In all facets of our business, our actions shall remain consistent. We will gain trust by honoring our commitments, exemplifying honesty and integrity to our customers, our employees and our community.


INNOVATIVE - The products, systems and technologies that we deliver to our customers will represent the leading edge in our industry. We will partner with companies that are forward looking and that provide us with the highest quality custom security solutions available.


ACCOUNTABILITY - Each member of our team agrees to be accountable for ownership of their actions in relation to other members of the team, our various partners and especially to our customers.


Weber Protect is a provider of home security services in Germany. Our goal is to create effective, custom security solutions to meet the unique needs of each and every customer.